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서울대학교 정치외교학부 교수진

직위 부교수
전공분야 비교정치; 비교/국제정치경제; 동남아시아; 베트남
Office 사회과학대학 505호
Office Phone 880-6342
Email yongkyunkim@snu.ac.kr




Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations, College of Social Sciences, Seoul National University (SNU), September 2020 – present


Associate Professor, Department of Political Science & International Relations, College of Social Sciences, Ewha Womans University (EWU), March 2017 – August 2020


Affiliated Faculty, HOKMA College of General Education, EWU, March 2018 – August 2020


Associate Professor of Political Science, School of International Studies (SIS), College of the Pacific, University of the Pacific (UOP), September 2016 – January 2017


Assistant Professor of Political Science, SIS, UOP, 2009 – 2016


Affiliated Faculty, Latin American Studies, UOP, 2014 – 2016




Ph.D. Political Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), 2009


M.A. Political Science, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2001 


B.S. Biology, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 1998 




Areas of Interest

Comparative Politics; Comparative/International Political Economy; Electronics Industry Policy; East Asia; Southeast Asia; Vietnam; Experimental Methods; Network Analysis

비교정치비교/국제정치경제전자산업 산업정책동아시아동남아시아베트남실험연구네트워크 분석


Ongoing Research Projects 

“Experimental Studies of Governance in China, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.”


“State-led Development Models of Singapore, China, and Vietnam.”


“Semiconductor Industrial Policy in the Era of Competition over Technological Hegemony: China, Taiwan, India, Singapore, and Vietnam.”


“Ignorance and Prejudice: Sources of Misperceptions about Immigrants in South Korea, A Survey Experiment.”


“Information and Collective Action in Ethnically Heterogeneous Communities:  Field Experiments in an Urban District with Concentrated Vietnamese Immigrants.”


“Political Economy of Vietnam’s Industrial Transformation.”


“A Network Analysis of the Factions within the Vietnames Communist Party.”


“East Asia in the Electronics Global Value Chain: A Network Analysis.”


“ESG in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.”




Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Kim, Yong Kyun (first author), and Jaeseok Myung. 2022. “Changes in Vietnam’s Development Model Since 2008: The Involution of Hybridity.” Asia Review, 12(2): 135-168 [in Korean] (KCI). “2008 이후 베트남 발전모델의 변화혼종성의 내향적 정교화” <아시아리뷰>.


Myung, Jaeseok, and Yong Kyun Kim (corresponding author). 2021. “The Effects of Local CSR as a Political Risk Management Strategy of Foreign Companies: Comparison of Non-Market Strategies of Two Korean Companies Invested in an Urban Development Project in Vietnam.” The Southeast Asian Review, 31(4): 83-131 [in Korean] (KCI). “외국기업의 정치적 위험관리 전략으로서 현지 CSR 효과 분석베트남 도시개발 진출 한국기업의 비시장 전략 비교” <동남아시아연구>.


Kim, Yong Kyun (first author), and Chung-Lae Cho. 2021. “Subnational Investment Promotion Agencies and Foreign Direct Investment in South Korea: A District-Level Analysis.” Korea Observer, 52(1): 83-106 (SSCI).


Kim, Yong Kyun. 2019. “Civic Solidarity: Civicness and Willingness to Pay for the Poor in Vietnam.” Korean Social Science Journal, 46(2): 125-139 (KCI). Revised and reprinted as Kim, Yong Kyun. 2022. “Grassroots Democracy as a Social Base for Pro-Poor Outcomes in Vietnam.” in Kuyoun Chung and Wonbin Cho. Eds. New Democracy and Autocratization in Asia. Routledge.


Kim, Yong Kyun. 2019. “When It Rains, It Pours: Foreign Direct Investment and Provincial Corruption in Vietnam.” Journal of East Asian Studies, 19(2): 141-168 (SSCI).


Kim, Yong Kyun (first author), and Daniel C. O’Neill. 2019. “Political Institutions and Debt Dynamics: Centralization of Power Is a Double-Edged Sword.” Ewha Journal of Social Sciences, 45(1): 43-84 (KCI).


Kim, Yong Kyun. 2018. “A Tale of Four Provinces: A Comparative Analysis of Provincial Governance in Vietnam.” The Southeast Asian Review, 28(4): 115-159 [in Korean] (KCI). “사성사색의 베트남 지방성 거버넌스” <동남아시아연구>.


Kim, Yong Kyun. 2018. “Global Value Chains, Political Risk, and Firms’ Investment Decision in Vietnam: A Firm-Level Analysis.” Korean Journal of International Relations, 58(3): 101-136 [in Korean] (KCI). “글로벌 가치사슬정치적 위험그리고 기업의 투자결정베트남  기업수준 분석” <국제정치논총>.


Kim, Yong Kyun. 2017. “States Sued: Democracy, the Rule of Law, and Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).” International Interactions, 43(2): 300-325 (SSCI).


Kim, Yong Kyun (first author), and Daniel C. O’Neill. 2017. “Transparent Motives: Democratic Advantage in International Credit Markets.” Journal of International Relations and Development, 20(1): 108-132 (SSCI).


Kim, Yong Kyun. 2017. “Inequality and Sovereign Default under Democracy.” Journal of Economics and Financial Analysis, 1(1): 81-115.


Cho, Seok-ju, Yong Kyun Kim (corresponding author), and Cheol-Sung Lee. 2016. “Credibility, Preferences, and Bilateral Investment Treaties.” Review of International Organizations, 11(1): 25-58 (SSCI).


Non-peer reviewed:

Kim, Yong Kyun. 2019. “The Return of the Party: Vietnam at Crossroads.” DiverseAsia, 2019 Spring Issue, No. 4 (The Seoul National University Asia Center) [in Korean]. 당의 귀환갈림길에  베트남” <다양성+Asia 4서울대학교 아시아연구소.


Kim, Yong Kyun. 2017. “The Political Economy of Rules of Origin and the Current Global Landscape of Free Trade Areas.” Institute of International Studies Issue Briefing, No. 26 [in Korean]. “원산지 규정의 정치경제학과 세계 자유무역지대의 현주소” <이슈브리핑 26서울대학교 국제문제연구소.


Book chapters:

Kim, Yong Kyun. 2022. “Vietnam’s Foreign Policy as a Middle Ground State.” In Foreign Policy of the Middle Ground States on the Geopolitical Faults in Asia, edited by Beom-Shik Shin [in Korean]. 베트남의 중간국 외교” <아시아의 지정학적 중간국 외교진인진.


Kim, Yong Kyun. 2021. “Vietnam’s Strategy for Globalization and the Politics of Economic Reform.” In Globalization 3.0 and Domestic Politics, edited by Seung-joo Lee [in Korean]. 베트남의 세계화 전략과 경제개혁의 정치” <세계화 3.0 국내정치명인문화사.


Kim, Yong Kyun. 2020. “Sovereignty and Regime Security: A Comparative Analysis of Southeast Asian States’ Foreign Policies toward China.” In Sovereignty and Comparative Regional Order, edited by Chaesung Chun [in Korean]. 주권과 체제안보동남아시아 국가들의 대중 외교정책 비교연구” <주권과 비교지역질서사회평론아카데미.


Kim, Yong Kyun. 2020. “Vietnam: Accountability and Representation without Competition.” In New Normal Age, New Democracy in Asia, edited by Wonbin Cho [in Korean]. 베트남경쟁 없는 책임성과 대표성” <뉴노멀 시대아시아의 뉴데모크라시성균관대학교 출판부.