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Global Leadership Award


The Global Leadership Award spotlights high-achieving students through an interactive professor-student seminar.

A university is a place that fosters people who can teach themselves. Thus, the Global Leadership Award serves to reward those who actively pursue their research as part of the undergraduate seminar and produce an outstanding work.

The selection of a Global Leadership Award student is based on an assessment of undergraduate seminar work or graduation thesis, and the selected student is given a thesis-based scholarship and a possible opportunity for his or her exemplary thesis to be published. An Global Leadership Award is a chance for the devoted student of political science and international relations to be recognized for results achieved in his or her undergraduate career as a global leader. The honors selection corresponds to a Summa Cum Laude graduation and will be awarded to the student separately during the graduation. It is definitely a position to be sought after by students attending an undergraduate seminar or writing a graduation thesis.