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Both the opening ceremony for Global Leaders Program and the first Freshman Talk Concert were held on May 13, 2015. Numerous alumni, including our program sponsor – Class of 1985 alumnus Jin-Goo Kim, currently the CEO of Sansung LNS – attended the event.

Global Leaders Program is an undergraduate program managed by the Department of Political Science and International Relations to foster next generation leaders to influence the world stage.

The term ‘Global’ encourages students to adopt a broader view and demonstrate their capabilities in the world stage, while the term ‘Leaders’ motivate students to cultivate a public policy mindset that strives to better the world as next generational leaders. This Global Leaders program has been established with donations from the alumni of the Department of Political Science and International Relations.
The Global Leaders Program has been introduced to deepen the process of learning and practice for the undergraduate students in the Department of Political Science and International Relations by combining classes from Political Science, International Relations, and other Departments into a holistic program.
To this effect, the program aims to
  1. 1) foster talented leaders with a global and public policy-oriented mindset,
  2. 2) raise the quality of education by investing in the ‘software’ of undergraduate education,
  3. 3) develop the quality of existing programs,
  4. 4) enhance the understanding of the curriculum, and
  5. 5) organically integrate an extra-curriculum program into the department
Specifically, the Global Leaders program constitutes a welcoming festival and alumni talk concerts for the First Year students, a field trip to explore historic and cultural sites overseas for the Second Years, a highly interactive professor-student undergraduate seminar for the Third and Fourth Years, and lastly, the Political Science and International Relations GLOBAL LEADERSHIP AWARD for the graduating class.
The First Year program will serve to be an opportunity for new admits to interact with current students and professors to develop a sense of pride in pursuing their academic career in this department and adapt more effectively to their new lives as undergraduates of Seoul National University.
The Second Year program will nurture students to become global leaders through field trips abroad where the students are given the chance to visit historic sites of other civilizations with professors, broadening their knowledge through on-site experiences.
Finally, the Third and Fourth Year program is an undergraduate seminar where the students are given the valuable opportunity to organize and apply what they have learned in the previous years into a research paper, under the guidance of the professors.
The global leader who emerges from such a program, with an exemplary seminar paper or graduation thesis, will be selected for the Global Leadership Award that corresponds to a Cumma Sum Laude graduation and will be encouraged to publish his or her work.